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Bartle: DT Group – I really wanted to name Barton here because he’s doing a lot of the dirty work thatows Hansen to shine, however, when it comes to “dirty work” it doesn’t get any dirtier than in the trenches. I was going to say Leki Fotu, but then I thought John Penisini was also deserving and then I remembered that Hauati Pututau and Pita Tonga have made crucial plays as well. So, I gave it to the group.

Beck: Cody Barton – Since Chase won Team MVP, I’ll give Defensive MVP to the other half of the starting linebacker wrecking crew. I was skeptical about the linebackers this season, and even with a loaded defensive backfield and defensive line, they are probably Utah’s best performing position group in any phase of the game.

Brown: C&C Hit Factory is a popular response, and Chase and Cody are absolutely the right choice here, but Marquise Blair should be a dark horse candidate. Though he’s been moved from his normal spot destroying ballcarriers at the line of scrimmage, his impact defending over the top has been almost instant. He’s also still a huge weapon in run defense. A healthy Blair is a scary thing for any Pac-12 offense.

Bodkin: Cody Barton- he’s the yin to Chase Hansen’s yang and has worked really hard to perfect his craft while bringing back the old glory and mystique of the Utah linebacking corps.

McManamon: Cody Barton – Cody has stepped up his game this season to be right in there with Hansen, something I’ve been completely impressed with. The duo are a complete nightmare together.

Sorensen: Chase Hansen – Chase Hansen is the ultimate Utah linebacker. He’s tough, fast, smart, hits like a semi with the brake lines cut, and is just plain fun to watch. He’s made huge play after huge play and is a major reason behind why Utah’s defense has been so good – especially in the run game. It wouldn’t be fair to at least not mention fellow linebacker Cody Barton, who is having a stellar season in his own right and is just behind Hansen. Utah is going to miss those guys.

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