Moss Side shooting: Ten people in hospital

Claremont Road on Sunday morning

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Claremont Road in Moss Side has been cordoned off

Ten people are in hospital after shots were fired in the Moss Side area of Manchester.

Police said victims suffered “minor to major injuries”, which did not appear to be life-threatening.

Armed police were called to the shooting in Claremont Road at about 02:30 BST.

Several people were in the area after the first day of this weekend’s Caribbean Carnival in Alexandra Park, Greater Manchester Police said.

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Greater Manchester Police said more officers would be patrolling the area over the coming days

The annual event, which has been held every summer since 1972, usually draws thousands of people.

Moss Side anti-violence campaigner Dr Erinma Bell told the BBC she understood the shooting had been carried out by one man, who had been firing pellets.

Police have not confirmed how many people were involved or what sort of gun was used.

Residents said a street party was held annually in Claremont Road after the first day of carnival events.

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Officers have not confirmed how many people were involved with the shooting

Youth worker Kemoy Walker, who had been on the main stage at the carnival on Saturday, said he was shocked at the news.

He said he had been at another street party in Claremont Road until about 23:30 BST.

“The party I was at was beautiful,” he said.

“When I left there was lovely dancing. That’s Moss Side, that’s the culture. I’m in shock this morning.”

He said he hoped the carnival would go ahead as planned on Sunday.

“We need to get the message across to young people to make sure they are not getting involved in negativity,” he said.

At the scene: Anna Jameson, BBC Radio Manchester

The Caribbean Carnival was meant to be a celebratory event, especially given the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Windrush generation.

Moss Side has done much work in the last few years to reinvent its image – in the past it had become notorious for violent crime.

The events overnight will be seen as absolutely shocking for the local community.

Officers will understand that and they will know there will be a lot of people who will be scared in their own homes – that is why they are putting on extra patrols over the coming days.

It is not yet clear whether the carnival will continue on Sunday.

Det Sup Debbie Dooley said: “The area is being searched and examined while we are also trying to speak to as many people as possible and are reviewing CCTV to get all the facts.”

Extra officers will be patrolling the area over the coming days to reassure the public, she added.

Since the 1980s, the neighbourhood has associated with problems linked to drugs, gangs and violence.

Former police officer Martin Harding, who now works with local schools, said over recent years the number of shootings had significantly fallen.

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Manchester’s Caribbean Carnival had been due to run across the weekend

He said: “It’s another sign that some of the work in Moss Side – and neighbouring Hulme – is working because, going back, it used to be an almost a daily occurrence that there would be incidents of a similar nature taking place in the area.”

He said the area had a “proud community” and there would be “lots and lots of disappointment” with the latest shooting.

He added: “A lot of the rest of country will still remember the old bad headlines but we know it’s changing massively, we also know there’s been massive investment in the area – Manchester Metropolitan University have built new premises in the area.

“We’ve seen other businesses start to move back and we’ve seen the area grow to be a real international community.”

Moss Side shooting: Ten people in hospital

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